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Shaanxi State-owned Peony Industry Group Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is located in Xi'an High-tech Zone. It has three subsidiaries and a deep processing park. It is a large private joint-stock enterprise. The company has a registered capital of 50 million yuan, strong management and technical force, and 56 technicians are registered. Up to 2019, our company has built and developed more than 20,000 Mu oil peony demonstration base and 1000 mu fine seed nursery base in Heyang Fang Town, Heyang Wangcun Town and Pucheng Chunlin Town.
Over the years, the company has focused on the peony ecological industry chain, upheld the concept of green development, strictly adhered to the promise of organic cultivation, adopted advanced technology and production technology at home and abroad, and fully tapped the edible, health care, medicinal and ornamental value of peony around the breeding, planting, technical services and intensive processing of new peony varieties, and has invested more than 400 million yuan to build it. Wanmu Oil Peony Planting Base and Deep Processing Park, R&D and sales of peony seed extract, peony flower extract, peony root extract and cosmetics series of green and healthy products, which take peony as raw material, promote regional economic development, help local poverty alleviation and wealth.
In addition, our company has established a long-term and stable research and development cooperation relationship with Botanical Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry, Beijing Forestry University and other research institutions and universities.
Enterprises have won many honors such as leading forestry enterprises in Shaanxi Province, modern agricultural demonstration park, demonstration base of entrepreneurship and employment promotion, provincial demonstration park of nursery and flower industry, and demonstration base of popular science.

Enterprise tenet: The road is not alone, there must be neighbors to explore, innovate and cooperate to forge ahead.
Business philosophy: Excellent products exploit the market, personality accomplishment, practice innovation, pursue excellence, develop enterprises and repay the society

Industrial Base

At present, China-funded Guoye Peony Industry Group Co., Ltd. has 21,760 Mu oil peony planting base (Heyang Fang Town Base, Heyang Wang Village Base, Pucheng Chunlin Town Base), nearly 1,000 Mu seed cultivation base for the cultivation and improvement of high-quality varieties, self-sufficient and external supply and 68 Mu deep processing base; the organic certification of its EU standards and national standards is in progress.

By the end of 2018, our company has successfully developed a series of peony products, which have become the leading peony industry in terms of planting scale, research and development ability and high technical standards. After settled in Heyang and Pucheng counties, Wanmu Peony Garden has played a strong role in promoting the adjustment of the industrial structure of provincial economic development and the increase of farmers'income. Over the past two years, preliminary statistics show that the workload has reached more than 80,000, and the local farmers'income has increased by more than 6 million yuan. Among them, the number of poor household workers is more than 300, with an average annual income of more than 10,000 yuan per person. Overfulfilling this year's poverty alleviation plan for poor households has made great contributions to the precise poverty alleviation efforts of the state.


The company's deep processing park covers an area of 68 mu, with an advanced sub-critical extraction low-temperature cold-press physical refining production line and a 100,000 grade GMP clean workshop, which can supply peony seed oil, peony dew and other products to the global market.

Companies adhere to the science and technology innovation strategy, vigorously develop production-teaching-research combination, and the institute of botany, Chinese academy of sciences, northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology Beijing forestry university and other research institutions and institutions of higher learning established long-term stability of college r&d collaboration between colleges and jiangnan university institute of food, cosmetics institute set up a joint research and development center, with the international well-known cosmetics company he (Beijing) to establish a joint laboratory, on the depth of peony series products research and development at present, a total of cooperation doctoral supervisor three, five, Dr Postgraduate 28, as the company product research and development technology leaders At the same time, the company has established its own core research team and laboratory.

The factory process factory has a 68 Mu deep processing base. The whole factory has opened up a perfect industrial chain. Its project contents include:

1.Peony seed oil processing: with the leading domestic production lines, using subcritical extraction, daily treatment can reach 20 tons;
2.Peony dew processing: food-grade equipment, steam distillation, completely away from harmful solvents;
3.Consumer Experience Zone: Consumers experience products personally and can make various handicraft products.
4.Industrial tourism projects: open tourist access, transparent throughout;

5.Peony Industry Chain Research Center: Jointly run by famous universities and supporting professional laboratories.

Qualification Honor