Raw material

Poetry Cloud: "Only the true national color of peony, blossom season moves the capital." The beauty of peony is known to women and children all over the world, but few people know that the beauty of peony is not only the beauty of peony, but also the efficacy of peony as a medicinal material.

Peony petal extract

       Picking workers use professional peony petal picking technology at 4:00 in the morning, the sun rises and ends, select the best growing flowers / selection phase, quality, moisture best petal picking, workers can only pick 1 kg of fresh petals per hour, to ensure the pure fresh quality of peony petals. The peony petals were distilled by steam for 3 hours with food-grade equipment, and only 0.95 kg of pure dew was produced from 1 kg of petals, which ensured 100% of the original peony petal dew solution.......


Peony seed extract

       The whole process of mechanized picking, non-polluting air drying and constant temperature warehouse storage is adopted to ensure the sterility and sanitation of the whole process of picking and air drying. Subcritical low-temperature extraction is used to maximize the retention of plant active ingredients and ensure the stability of quality. In GMP-level workshop, the whole process of aseptic operation, these strong infrastructure is the effective guarantee of quality.......